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I grew up in New England, Mexico City and Toronto. In secondary school, I took figure drawing classes, laying the foundation for my interest in the human face and form. I discovered printmaking at Mesa College in San Diego, and went on to receive  a BFA in Printmaking from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR.

I spent many years creating reductive woodblock prints before eventually transitioning to drawing and collage. Many aspects of woodblock printmaking- the carving or cutting, the  layering of colors and images- inform my current mixed media work.  

I begin with the figure- it's my anchor and focal point. I often use multiple images of the same person, varying only in expression or gesture. While the figures are highly realistic, they are not intended as specific portraits, but as a human counterpoint to the incessant flow of exquisitely curated images that saturate the media we consume. 

My use of found images is instinctive and opportunistic. They include vintage paper, images from magazines and illustrated books, maps and my old woodblock prints. I cut these elements out, arrange and layer them into a dense surround that holds the figure or figures, always focusing on the fundamental composition of the piece.

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